Vehicle rental conditions


After evaluating the creditworthiness of the client, AVIS will determine the amount of security that the client is obliged to deposit in the AVIS account before the lease. The amount of the security will be determined at the level of a maximum of 7 monthly installments. The security is paid in the form of an advance invoice.
The minimum age of the driver is 25 years.
If the required age for an individual category is not met, the tenant can request an exemption for a fee.

Prices / Billing:

In the case of a MaxiRent contract, invoices are issued on a monthly basis retrospectively for the given month of vehicle use. When paying the installments, the client follows the installment calendar, which is part of the MaxiRent contractual documents.
All fees and fines are listed in the fee list in the Fees section.

Another driver:

Other drivers must be reported to AVIS. A one-time fee is charged.

Journey abroad:

Entry is permitted to EFTA countries (Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Iceland), the United Kingdom and the European Union, with the exception of Bulgaria and Romania. Entry to Bulgaria and Romania is expressly prohibited. The expressly prohibited countries include, among others, Albania, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Vehicles only have a Slovak highway stamp, all other highway fees must be paid for by the client.


AVIS offers a plan to partially cover damages caused by damage, loss or theft of the vehicle.
In the case of the use of drugs, alcoholic beverages and other narcotics, the client is fully responsible for damage to the vehicle even in the case of payment of insurance.  
Any reduction of the insurance company resulting from damage to the vehicle is automatically passed on to the lessee.
If the lessee leaves documents, keys or other important documents in the vehicle, he is fully responsible in case of their loss to the lessor.


The customer is responsible for all charges related to the operation of the vehicle during the rental period (fines for traffic offenses, parking ...).

Additional conditions for commercial vehicles:

Vehicle overload:  
In the event of an overload of the vehicle, the client has violated the conditions of AVIS and must pay a contractual penalty, plus a claim for damages.

More details:

AVIS is not responsible for the client's property and for things left in the car.
VAT refund is not possible.
AVIS reserves the right to change the rental conditions.
The rental price does not include fillings and liquids, which must be replenished during the use of the vehicle:
- washer water
- radiator water / coolant
- engine oil
- adblue

Important Notice:

In the case of renting for business entities, the client has the option of deducting VAT.
AVIS reserves the right to make changes.