Parking policy


From 2022, a new parking policy began to apply in the Slovak capital. Parking policy in Bratislava is changing with the gradual expansion of parking zones.

If the customer uses the vehicle through the service of leasing or has a long-term contract to use the vehicle, it is necessary to register the vehicle and prove it with the contract in question.

If the customer uses the vehicle for a short time or as a replacement vehicle, it may, without giving a reason, register such a change of vehicle.

All the details are given on a specific page of the capital, for example HERE.

You can find the individual parking zones of the capital, for example HERE.

In case of violation parking policy rules the city remembers such situations sanctions in the form of strict liability. The vehicle owner is penalized in the first place, who then identifies the user of the vehicle. This procedure creates an administrative process that also burdens the lessor of the vehicle and is charged by the AVIS administrative fee. See the fees section HERE.

General questions and answers to the parking policy in Bratislava can be found at THIS LINE.