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Are you still hesitant to rent or buy a car? Is long-term car rental really more advantageous and less expensive than operating leasing or buying or leasing? We interviewed our satisfied customers with different social statuses, working in different positions and doing business in different industries. Read their brief but sufficiently concise statements about why they decided to use a long-term car rental, the AVIS MaxiRent service, whether they regret this decision or not and what they like most about the service. In accordance with the GDPR, we only used data according to which it is not possible in any way to precisely define the person we confessed.

Ján, responsible manager for logistics in the transport company

We have been using AVIS MaxiRent services for a long time. We are extremely satisfied with the car rental. Quick ordering of vehicles using a simple online platform and even faster delivery. We even enjoy watching the offer, discount or promotion. In addition, renting a car brought us a ride without worrying about the service and maintenance of the vehicle, which we needed the most. Whenever we call, AVIS will direct us and help us with every request. We also procure vehicles for operating leasing, not just renting, as a service for our employees. However, in the current situation, where we have been living in the world affected by Covid-19 for more than a year, flexible car rental is a more ideal choice for us.


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Karolína, a recent college graduate, self-employed

During college and after graduation, I needed a car to transport around the city and also to a new job. Since graduating from school, I have been working in services as a self-employed person for which I really need a car, and only renting a car in AVIS MaxiRent has enabled me to provide it. I also considered the Peugeot operating leasing service, as I love the brand, but operating leasing generally requires the creditworthiness and history of the client for approval, which I unfortunately did not meet. I simply ordered a car for rent in AVIS MaxiRent via the form on the website and paid a really harmless deposit from my point of view. The next day I picked up the car and since then I drive without worries. The car is new and to my surprise also in really high equipment. And what is important to me is for a little money. I highly recommend!


Peugeot 208, review avis maxirent

Miroslav, construction company manager

We decided to rent a car more than 10 years ago. About halfway through this period, we came across the AVIS MaxiRent service. We currently use 8 Renault Master L3H2 vehicles for long-term rental, for our employees for construction work. They have to deliver goods to construction sites on a daily basis, but they do not drive many kilometers. We threw the numbers into the calculator and renting a car came out as an ideal choice. Employees will also enjoy the cars because they are brand new, straight from the factory and have a few useful features. They have parking sensors, cameras, Bluetooth, navigation and an important paved floor for us to transport even heavier materials.


Renault Master, Avis Maxirent, long-term lease Renault Master

Stanislav, natural person

One of our cars in the family remained immobile for a long time after the collision, we needed to rent a spare vehicle quickly. We equipped the AVIS MaxiRent from the comfort of our home, we quickly and efficiently created an online order, and picked up the car the next day. We were so satisfied with the rented car that we decided to sell the repaired car and since then we have only rented the second car in the family. It's been three years. Last year, AVIS MaxiRent added a Volvo XC60 in TOP equipment to its range of rental cars, which I was simply broken for and I couldn't resist either. Our teenagers also like this service and cars, so I'm starting to think about a third car for the family. So far, they use their wife Peugeot 208, for me a fantastic car to the city. They change it for us every 6 months, so all three drive in a new one (but actually me too). Taking over and returning the vehicles takes a relatively short time, the employees are nice and welcoming. Great satisfaction from us.


Volvo XC60, Volvo for long term car rental

Jaroslav, landscape architect

We are a small family business dealing with the design of gardens, gardens, terraces and we also produce various accessories from wood - tables, seating, swings and so on. We needed a commercial vehicle to transport products to clients' homes. At AVIS MaxiRent, we found Mercedes-Benz Sprinter L2H2 rental vehicles. Let me tell you, we fell in love right away. This car has higher equipment than most people we've driven so far. It is mainly with a machine, it has a 360 degree camera, sensors around the whole car, navigation, 7 inch touch screen and many other elements that I would like to talk about. In my opinion, what equipment the car is in is more than a good price. We have been using the car for 6 months, we plan to rent another one in the near future. Good job!


Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, reviews Sprinter, long-term rental

Jana, sales director of the IT company

AVIS MaxiRent has been used by our employees for more than a year, as company vehicles operating in Slovakia and occasionally abroad. At the beginning, we tried the cooperation with one vehicle to know if renting a car is the right choice for us. Ordering and picking up vehicles was quick and enjoyable. Currently, our employees already use 9 cars. One of the employees had an incident with a rented vehicle, without unnecessary words we were provided with a replacement vehicle during the repair period of the original. We hope that our cooperation with AVIS MaxiRent will continue. The company is doing well and we are still hiring new employees, we are also happy to take new cars.


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