HOW TO RENT - Speed is important


We realize that having a car immediately available is very important for many of us, but it is not a matter of course everywhere at all. But with us, yes!
We pre-order most of our vehicles based on predictions of demand for warehouses in advance. You can have them available almost immediately.

In addition, if our customer is interested in a vehicle from the AVIS MaxiRent offer, which is not immediately available in stock, he receives a vehicle from our fleet from us and has mobility ensured again without waiting!


  1. Fill in the information form with the selection of the vehicle you are interested in. You will choose the contract binding you have chosen and the prepaid mileage limit.
  2. Subsequently, we will contact you immediately.
  3. We will prepare all the necessary documents, including the order and the advance invoice for the deposit and we will send them to you electronically for confirmation.
  4. After receiving your confirmed documents in electronic form and paying the security for the vehicle, we will inform you of the earliest possible date of handing over the vehicle from our driving fleet and the estimated delivery date of the ordered vehicle.
  5. If you are interested in driving immediately, we will provide you with a vehicle without waiting from the fleet of our car rental under already discounted conditions.
  6. After delivery of the ordered vehicle, if you have used a temporary replacement vehicle, we will replace the vehicles. From this moment on, the fixing time you ordered starts to run.