Use the Avis Maxirent service instead!

You need to get to the vehicle as quickly as possible, but the current waiting times of 12 months for production vehicles literally put you on your ass? In this, read this article, we will advise you on how to do it and explain what is currently happening in the automotive industry. And there is not much.
Vehicle prices are rising, material is scarce and do not rely on discounts

The rate of price growth, which so far probably none of us has encountered, can be observed all around us. Whether it is food, energy or services that we pay on a monthly basis, or things that we buy for long-term consumption - apartment, house, car. For certain vehicle models, prices have even risen by more than 50% in the last 2 years! Automobile plants have not really recovered from the lack of chips, and since the outbreak of war in Ukraine, sheet metal, cables and many other components needed for the production of, for example, vehicle bodies have become scarce material around the world. The production capacity of automobiles is thus constantly decreasing. Some plants were even forced to interrupt production several times, with the exception of Bratislava's Volkswagen and Trnava's Trnava. Due to disrupted production chains, vehicles began to lag significantly behind production. Demand for new vehicles has fallen, but as supply was and is even lower, prices began to rise and the sales strategy also influenced the discount policy. Anyone who has been accustomed to discounts at the level of tens of% at some manufacturers can start dividing by ten. In addition, the delivery times of new vehicles are in optimistic cases at the level of 8 to 10 months, realistic scenarios are at the level of 12 to 18 months.

Vehicle rental directly from stock

Vehicles available immediately are literally a luxury these days. And we can really be proud of this dominant. Despite all the crises and logs that we throw at our feet, we can still proudly say that we have something to offer you in categories from economy class to SUV. However, we are ready with AVIS MaxiRent. Still to you   we offer a wide range of vehicles   available directly from stock.

Constantly changing offer, above-standard vehicle equipment

In order not to lag behind, we are constantly trying to expand, change and supplement the range of vehicles. At the beginning of the year, we added models in the Compact - hatchback category to our offer   KIA Ceed 1.0 T-GDI MT   and station wagon   Kia Ceed SW 1.0 T-GDI MT   and premium crossover coupe from DS workshop -   DS4 1.5 BlueHDi   in the highest available equipment Cross Rivoli.

Later came the arrival of the German army from the Volkswagen workshop. Combi has been added   Volkswagen Golf Variant 1.0 TSI , and 3 city crossovers   Volkswagen T-Cross 1.0 TSI AT ,   Volkswagen Taigo 1.0 TSI AT   a   Volkswagen T-Roc 1.5 TSI AT   with economical petrol engines.

As the latest innovation, we have announced a plug-in hybrid SUV   KIA Sportage 1.6 T-GDi PHEV AT , which we expect to reach by the end of the 3rd quarter. And we are preparing many more news for you, so don't forget to follow us.

We also maintain a certain standard when equipping vehicles. From the lowest vehicle categories, the equipment includes elements such as navigation, reversing sensors and camera, multifunction steering wheel, Bluetooth, cruise control, LED headlights, most vehicles have a digital cockpit and heated seats or steering wheel. In addition, we provide higher categories of vehicles in the highest available equipment on the Slovak market, which have all the assistance and protection elements that will make your driving perfectly easier and more pleasant.

Online ordering process, digital download

The entire process of ordering a vehicle takes place in the online space on a digital platform . You will choose from the offer of vehicles the one that suits you best, for example in terms of size, motor or equipment, and then you will choose one of the predefined monthly rides. In the next step, fill in your personal data, resp. company data and you are just waiting for confirmation regarding a possible security for the vehicle. This is determined in the case of a corporate client by an algorithm after evaluating the financial indicators of the subject.

Thanks to the constant progress in the field of digitization, the delivery of the vehicle from the warehouse and its completion in preparation for delivery will be notified by a notification email with a calendar application, in which you select your preferred and available date and time of picking up the vehicle. Then we will send you a confirmation email with a map of how to get to us. The day before you receive it, you will again receive a digital signature contract from us, which you will open via an application on your phone or a browser on your laptop and sign.

Your personal documents, ID card and driver's license are enough for you on the spot, which a colleague uploads to the system and you sign a digital acceptance protocol via a tablet, receive keys and start enjoying a carefree rental.

The sales manager spoke in a short report in cooperation with REFRESHER about why renting a car is really more advantageous than buying it, what comprehensive services AVIS offers, how easy it is to order a vehicle online via our digital platform and what vehicles you can find in our offer. AVIS Slovakia Samuel Jesenský - .

As part of the AVIS MaxiRent services, you have ensured the worry-free use of services on our part. The monthly rent includes services such as compulsory contractual insurance, accident insurance, motorway stamps, assistance service, as well as seasonal take-over and service maintenance.

The advantages of the AVIS MaxiRent product over a standard vehicle purchase are, among others:

  • payment of 1 month's rent with included services
  • remote contract signing and digital acceptance / delivery of the vehicle
  • 100% tax deductible expense in the form of rent without burdening the balance sheet for companies
  • professional and comprehensive care
  • 24/7 support for drivers


  • purchase and registration of a vehicle;
  • vehicle financing;
  • vehicle deterioration;
  • motorway stamp valid for SR;
  • UGS insurance;
  • accident insurance;
  • factory-specified warranty transactions;
  • year-round tire fitting and storage;
  • assistance services;
  • check-out of the vehicle at the end of the lease.

See the current offer of vehicles on this link: .