About AVIS MaxiRent - Simple, worry-free and fast



Why buy when it is better to rent?

It works like renting an apartment. You don't care about anything, we take care of you.
Enjoy the offer of our services and the smell of new vehicles.
With its AVIS MAXI RENT product, the internationally operating AVIS company offers a flexible way to ensure mobility for private or corporate purposes.

The aim of the MAXI RENT program is to relieve the customer of all obligations related to the operation of the vehicle during the period of its ownership. The AVIS MAXI RENT product is a product with which we respond to the demand of a modern customer, on the basis of which the customer becomes freer and more flexible. AVIS was the first to provide this service in Slovakia in 2016.

The essence of AVIS MAXI RENT is a unified vehicle rental product for a flexible period from 3 to 24 months , during which all costs associated with the operation of the vehicle are included in the monthly payment. You can book your vehicle via a completely new digital platform without a single phone call. In addition, most vehicles in the fleet are pre-ordered for storage and are available immediately.

The lease consists of several monthly installments, which include the following services:

  • purchase and registration of a vehicle
  • vehicle financing
  • vehicle degradation
  • highway stamp valid for SR
  • UGS insurance
  • HP insurance
  • factory-specified warranty operations
  • year-round tire fitting and storage
  • assistance services
  • check-out of the vehicle at the end of the lease

By using the service, you will gain more freedom in decision-making than to deal with free funds. Leave your worries to professionals whose goal is your satisfaction. Driving on a regularly replaced new vehicle will be determined by your driver. Choose a service product where you will no longer have to wait in lines for vehicles where you will not have to negotiate charges.

AVIS MAXI RENT   All services are in one place for the best price on the market.