For who

MaxiRent is a modern and progressive fleet management tool designed for companies of any size, sole proprietors or private individuals.

The main currency of this product is the flexibility it offers under conditions that are favorable to the customer with the offer of all services included in a 1-month payment.


Do you need a new fleet for your business or to expand an existing one?
Do you want to have vehicle management at your fingertips and do business?
Don't want to spend a lot of money on cars and would you rather have enough free funds for business or family?
Do you need a vehicle for your employee who has a fixed-term contract?
Do you need to fill a gap in the fleet at the time of seasonal fluctuations?
Are you starting a business and cannot accurately estimate your needs when using a vehicle?
Do you have an employee on probation?

... if so, MaxiRent is the optimal solution for you