Processing of data and information during rental

How we process and store your data

Spoločnosť United Rental Group, s.r.o., Ivánska cesta 4358/43, Bratislava 821 04 IČO: 44 560 940, zapísaná v Obchodnom registri Okresného súdu Bratislava I, oddiel: Sro, vložka č. 56233/B (ďalej len „prevádzkovateľ“) v súlade s čl. 13 NARIADENIA EURÓPSKEHO PARLAMENTU A RADY (EÚ) 2016/679 z 27. apríla 2016 o ochrane fyzických osôb pri spracúvaní osobných údajov a o voľnom pohybe takýchto údajov, ktorým sa zrušuje smernica 95/46/ES (ďalej aj „Všeobecné nariadenie o ochrane údajov“) poskytuje dotknutým osobám nasledovné informácie o spracúvaní osobných údajov:


Prevádzkovateľ spracúva osobné údaje dotknutých osôb v informačnom systéme, ktorý spoločne prevádzkujú vlastníci a držitelia licencií AVIS - ďalší prevádzkovatelia (s výnimkou údajov získavaných z GPS monitorovacích zariadení, ktoré sú spracúvané v osobitnom informačnom systéme prevádzkovateľa). V rámci tohto spracúvania sú osobné údaje prenášané v rámci krajín EÚ (sídiel príslušných prevádzkovateľov), pričom jednotliví prevádzkovatelia sú povinní zabezpečiť primeranú úroveň bezpečnosti spracúvaných osobných údajov.

why does the controller process personal data?

The operator processes the personal data of the data subjects for the purposes of:

  • pre-contractual and contractual relations   in particular for the purposes of processing and sending price offers, reservations, preparation and conclusion of contracts and fulfillment of contractual obligations of the operator, especially within lease agreements, lease agreements, framework agreements related to contract management, receipt and handover of guides, complaints, invoicing, etc. The provision of personal data by the data subject is a contractual requirement. Failure to provide personal data will not make it possible to enter into a contractual relationship with the data subject.
  • unambiguous identification of the person concerned   on the basis of the consent given by the data subject before making a photocopy of the data subject's official documents and / or other electronically made and recorded copies and descriptions of official documents (document scanning, authentication of documents stored on electronic media, etc.), provided that: the operator shall, in duly justified cases, request such copies of official documents from the person concerned. Giving consent is voluntary.
  • security, protection of property and financial interests   resulting from the concluded contractual relationship and the legitimate interest of the operator derived from it. For this purpose, selected leased vehicles are secured by monitoring their location via satellite tracking (GPS) (tracing of leased vehicles during their use and after theft). The processing of personal data (resulting from the obtained information on the occurrence of the vehicle) occurs if the rented motor vehicle is used by a single natural person, ie if at the time of using the rented motor vehicle the operator is able to identify a specific natural person and the vehicle is equipped with a monitoring device. In this case, personal data will be processed to the extent of the obtained GPS information about the occurrence of the vehicle and the derivable characteristics of the person concerned. When taking over the vehicle, the lessee is informed that the rented vehicle is equipped with a GPS monitoring device.
  • recovery of incurred damages and receivables, settlement of insurance claims, storage of documentation and prepared records and on the basis of other necessary legitimate interests of the operator .

how to legally provide personal information about another individual?

  • to provide personal data to the operator about another natural person without his consent is entitled to perform the lessor, which is the employer of the natural person, only in connection with the introduction of pre-contractual and contractual relations related to renting a vehicle and only to the extent: title, name, surname, work classification, job classification, functional classification, personal number or employee's employee number, professional department, place of work, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address to the workplace and identification data of the employer, if necessary in connection with the performance of work duties, duties or functions of the person concerned. The provision of personal data must not impair the seriousness, dignity and security of the data subject.
  • provide personal data to the operator about another natural person without his consent, is entitled to perform a natural person who is the lessor only in accordance with applicable laws and contractual conditions only if it protects its legally protected interests, e.g. in the case of claims settlement.
  • In other cases, the person concerned is obliged to provide the operator with personal data of another natural person only with his consent, which he is obliged to submit to the operator. By providing data on another natural person, the data subject expressly declares that he / she has adequate authorization, on the basis of which he / she is entitled to provide this person's personal data to the operator.

in what periods is personal data retained?

  • Personal data obtained from vehicle monitoring are stored for a period of 2 years after the proper termination of the contractual relationship.
  • Photocopies of official documents are kept for the duration of the contractual relationship and are destroyed within 3 years at the latest, if the operator does not use them on the basis of legitimate interests (eg in the settlement of damages, insurance claims and theft).
  • Personal data processed for other purposes shall be kept for the period necessary to achieve the purpose of their processing, which is determined by special legislation or within the legitimate interest of the controller, but not longer than 10 years and only to the extent necessary for accounting purposes.

to which recipients is personal data provided?

  • Control bodies within the scope of their activities in accordance with a special legal regulation (eg Slovak Trade Inspection),
  • Courts and law enforcement authorities at their request or within the legitimate interests of the operator,
  • insurance companies with which the operator has concluded an insurance contract related to the rented vehicle,
  • contracted agent: United Automotive Group, sro ID: 50202511; United Finance Group, sro IČO: 44560486, contractual intermediaries within the AVIS Slovakia branch network. Information on current intermediaries can be obtained via the infoline +421 2 2030 2100, or in electronic form (e-mail) based on a request sent to an email address .
  • and other recipients to whom the controller is obliged to provide personal data in accordance with a special law or a legitimate interest.

What are the rights of the data subject when processing his or her personal data?

The person concerned has the right to:

  • for information   on the processing of her personal data;
  • gain access   to the personal data processed and stored about it;
  • request a correction   your incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete personal data;
  • request deletion   their personal data when they are no longer needed or when the processing is illegal;
  • to object   against processing   your personal data for marketing purposes or on a basis related to a specific situation;
  • request a restriction   processing   their personal data in specific cases;
  • get your personal information   in machine - readable format and / or   request their transfer to another operator;
  • anytime your   withdraw consent   without prejudice to the lawfulness of processing based on consent given before its withdrawal, if such consent has been given by the person concerned;
  • request that   Decisions based on automated processing which concern or significantly affect it, based on his personal data, have been executed by natural persons and not by automated technical means, if personal data are thus processed by the controller. The person concerned has the right to express his opinion and object to the decision of the operator;
  • lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority , in particular in the Member State of his habitual residence, the place of work or the alleged infringement, and   the right to an effective judicial remedy if it considers that the processing of its personal data is contrary to law. The supervisory body in the territory of the Slovak Republic is the Office for Personal Data Protection of the Slovak Republic, Hraničná 12 Bratislava;
  • submit a request or complaint to the operator   in connection with the protection and processing of her personal data. Any person concerned who wishes to make a request or complaint and to exercise his rights may do so:
  • in writing at: United Rental Group, sro, Ivánska cesta 4358/43, Bratislava 821 04.
  • electronically at: ,
  • by phone on the infoline: +421 2 2030 2100