We reduced CO2 emissions in 2020 for entire fleet

The company United Rental Group, sro, a leader in car rental and leasing in Slovakia, which operates under the AVIS brand, has met its commitment to reduce CO2 emissions in 2020 for its entire fleet.

Key points of the report:

  • AVIS Slovakia has fulfilled its commitment to low fleet emission values.
  • The company adapted the composition of the vehicle fleet to current events in connection with COVID-19.
  • The AVIS commercial vehicle fleet serves the expanding e-commerce.
  • Environmental friendliness is a social commitment.


The company is proud to announce that the original intention to achieve 105g / km of CO2 with the Avis fleet has been   98.5g / km CO2

Vladimir Orth, the company's CEO, announced that the main reason for achieving this result is the strict choice when buying vehicles that meet the strictest emission limits within the EU27. When choosing the composition of the fleet, the company focused mainly on small and medium-sized vehicles with low emissions and PHEV and EV vehicles.

For commercial vehicles, where the EU has not yet set such strict limits, the group continues to monitor the market and purchases vehicles that have the lowest limits in their class. In 2020, at   commercial vehicles   reduced the emission burden   CO2 by 11%.

The total fleet and business in the whole group in 2020 was affected by the spread of the COVID19 virus. It is for this reason that tourism and car use for business clients, which has moved to a home office, have fallen to a minimum. Nevertheless, the group very quickly redirected its activities to demand, which replaced part of the lost share with a new one.

Overall, the fleet fell by -50% in 2020, where car rentals recorded a -60% decrease. However, a robust fleet of commercial vehicles expanded, replacing security of supply for e-commerce, replacing conventional brick-and-mortar stores. Age of vehicles in 2020 - reached 10.5 months.

Reducing emissions when buying cars is still not supported by the government in Slovakia. So this own initiative is mainly a demonstration of the social responsibility of a company that operates in Slovakia for the benefit of the people and the country. For a long time now, the customer not only chooses a vehicle for transport, but is also interested in safety and emissions, as they burden the environment. This is one of the key aspects of choosing an operator. Young people are the main bearers of this idea.

Avis is part of a global network of vehicle rental and leasing operators. The key is to point out that emissions are important for our continued healthy and trouble-free life.

We believe that we will be a good example for other companies that will participate in this initiative.

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