Why rentals are better than leasing

Who is the operational car rental for? All important information in one place.

What is AVIS MaxiRent?

AVIS MaxiRent is a division of AVIS car rental, in which we focus on 12-month car and utility vehicle rentals. With the establishment of MaxiRent in Slovakia, an ideal alternative to operational leases was created, from which they discourage too long periods of commitment.

New employees during the trial period, a time-limited project, an important order requiring mobility, waiting for a new car to be delivered množstvo there are many reasons why people and companies decide to rent a car instead of buying it. Renting a new car has several significant advantages compared to buying a new vehicle or a risky ticket. All costs are summarized in one monthly installment, which you can include in the full cost.   It is not an operating lease , which means better availability, better services and shorter ties.

The list of advantages compared to other ways of acquiring a new vehicle is very diverse, because consider:

Why choose Maxirent?

Who is AVIS MaxiRent car rental for?

12-month car rental is not a mess for those who do not know what to do with money. On the contrary, it's a way to save money, because literally everything is included in one rental price, you just refuel and drive.

For private persons:

  1. when you need a second car for the family for a limited time and you do not want to buy a risky ticket or buy a new expensive car;
  2. if for any reason you do not receive a financial lease for a new car;
  3. while waiting for a new car to be delivered from production;
  4. when your budget is not high enough for a new car, but you are not thinking about a used one;
  5. when you change jobs for which you need your own car but do not have the means to buy it;
  6. after a loss event while your own car is in service.

For self-employed and small entrepreneurs:

  1. if you want to have all the costs of the car included in the costs;
  2. when you need a car to do business but don't have the capital to buy a new one;
  3. to bridge the period of production and delivery of a new car;
  4. during the temporary employment of an employee abroad;
  5. when, as a SZČO, you do not receive financing from a bank or car manufacturer;

For companies:

  1. for a probationary staff member;
  2. for an employee working on a specific time-limited project;
  3. as a Pool Car for employees and customers;
  4. during the temporary employment of an employee abroad;
  5. if you want to have all the costs of the car included in the costs;

Why is it advantageous not to buy a car, but to rent it?

We included everything related to car ownership and operation in one monthly payment and pressed it so low that the classic ownership and repayment of a new car loses its meaning.

You as a customer already pay   only for the fuel you pass . All our cars are new or proven new and with economical engines, so the cost of fuel will be favorable.

The following items are included in the monthly payment:

  1. purchase and registration of a vehicle;
  2. vehicle financing;
  3. vehicle deterioration;
  4. motorway stamp valid for SR;
  5. UGS insurance;
  6. accident insurance;
  7. factory-guaranteed warranty transactions;
  8. year-round tire fitting and storage;
  9. assistance services;
  10. check-out of the vehicle at the end of the lease.


You can find our entire range of vehicles in the section   Offer vehicles . You will find among them   compact city models , such as Peugeot 208 or Škoda Fabia, but also   bigger cars like Renault Megane, Kia Cee'd,   van   Peugeot 508 SW or   esúvečka   Toyota C-HR, Nissan Quashqai or Peugeot 3008. Also available   9-seater vehicles   Renault Trafic Passenger i   supplies   Renault Master and Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.