Customers can save hundreds of euros

  • AVIS Slovensko launches 3 and 6 month rentals Renault Clio and Peugeot 208;
  • Car rental responds to the current market demand;
  • The financial savings on rent are hundreds of euros;
  • Cars with extra equipment, maintenance, assistance and insurance included;
  • The offer of 3- and 6-month rentals is valid from March 2020.


AVIS Slovensko, a long-term car rental leader in the country, offers quarterly and semi-annual car rental offers at favorable prices. The new product is for compact cars Renault Clio and Peugeot 208 with a maximum of three months.

Strong interest in medium-long car rental

By expanding the offer of rental time AVIS car responds to the current market demand. Companies, but also individuals (individuals), are interested in medium-term car rentals that are more cost-effective than conventional ownership and repayment.

AVIS Slovakia thus satisfies them by introducing medium-term leases into its offer.

Saving hundreds of euros

The most important argument for using the three-month and six-month rents is their financial advantage over the daily and monthly program: this is an extraordinary 23% for the Peugeot 208 and 39% for the Renault Clio. Converted to money, for a six-month rental of the Peugeot 208, the customer pays up to € 978 less VAT than six times in a consecutive monthly program.

Vehicle Period of commitment Save Monthly payment Allowed ramp
3 months 23% 375 € 2,500 km / month.
3 months 28% 350 € 2,500 km / month.
6 months 33% 325 € 2,500 km / month.
6 months 39% 300 € 2,500 km / month.

Above standard vehicles

All vehicles intended for mid-term rental are new or up to three months old and with extra equipment. These features include air conditioning, navigation, cruise control, Bluetooth, a multimedia system, keyless start, lane keeping, LED headlights, as well as modern, low-carbon CO2 engines.


In addition to the above, rental prices also include electronic vignettes valid for Slovak motorways, seasonal overhaul, regular service, motor hull insurance and assistance services.


For companies and individuals

Renault Clio and Peugeot 208 cars can be rented at AVIS car rental offices and on the website www.avis.sk , where you can also pay online. The amount of the repayable deposit is EUR 1 800 excluding VAT for quarterly and half-yearly rentals.

In the case of a business customer, the car rental invoice is a tax document that the business or sole trader can charge for their costs.


The offer is valid from March 2020 and is included in the permanent offer of short, medium and long term rentals from AVIS car rental.

FAQ: Questions and answers


Who can benefit from mid-term car rental?

Offers of 3 and 6 months rentals can be used by all criminally irreproachable customers of AVIS Slovakia over 25 years of age who meet the general conditions stated in the Car Rental Conditions .


How many kilometers can be driven?

Cars are limited to a monthly raid of 2,500 km, with an extra kilometer of € 0.35 excluding VAT. The final mileage after the end of the three-month and six-month rental periods respectively shall be taken into account.


What is paid in advance and what is ongoing?

The rental of vehicles is paid on a monthly basis, always on the same day in the calendar month in the prescribed amount.

The guarantee is a repayable deposit of EUR 1 800 excluding VAT for each vehicle, which is equivalent to approximately five monthly installments. The deposit is payable on a lump-sum basis no later than on the day of taking over the vehicle.


Is it necessary to build vehicles from time to time for inspection?

The rental price includes the costs of regular maintenance of the vehicle and necessary maintenance intervals - in the case of their approaching date or mileage it is necessary to arrive at AVIS Slovakia. The vehicles must also be completed in the event of seasonal changeover.


Is it possible to travel with rented vehicles outside the SR?

Yes, vehicles can also be operated outside the territory of the Slovak Republic throughout the European Union, except for Bulgaria and Romania. However, vehicles do not have prepaid vignettes in countries other than Slovakia.