I need a car for a few months and as cheap as possible - how to do it?

I need a car for a few months and as cheap as possible - how to do it? 

Each of us naturally needs some means to move ourselves or some things from A to B, other than on our own two feet. We use buses, trains, trams, cradles and cars. 

From the point of view of health safety, since March of this year, people have started to look more closely at individual transport in connection with the spread of COVID-19 and have preferred it to public transport. This step is quite logical. However, many people came across it when they found out that for some reason they could not get their own car, they did not want to or they could not. 

So what are the options when I want to secure a car. 

Can I get a car: 

1. Buy - New or used 
2. Rent - new or mostly new

The first option - buying a vehicle 

You need your own or someone else's resources for this. If you only need a car for a few months, this is probably not the most ideal option, as the process of buying itself is quite time consuming. First, you choose the make and model of a specific vehicle that you like. You will then configure and request a quote. You will find that the% discount you received seems small to you, so you are trying to compare when you decide to look for a different make and model to work for an even lower price. This process takes several days and requires your active time and comparison, as well as some knowledge about cars, in order to make the best possible decision in terms of price and performance. Once you get to the conditions that are interesting to you, you will find that you will have to wait for your vehicle for several months. Due to the pandemic, waiting times for almost all vehicle brands have increased from 50% to 100%, which represents an average delivery of up to 6-12 months. So this does not solve the current problem of how to get to the car immediately or in the shortest possible time. So if you decide to wait for a new car, you still need to tighten its funding. If you have your own resources, worry less, but you have to say that you put money into the vehicle that you could have used for something else, maybe for gainful employment. If you need to rent a car, here is the process of choosing the method of financing between the loan and leasing. Then it is necessary to choose the bank's offer. However, it should not be forgotten that banks assess very strictly to whom and under what conditions they lend money, because they evaluate your creditworthiness, which represents e.g. Your income, length of employment or your liabilities. 

So if you need a vehicle as soon as possible and do not want to spend a lot of money, this will not be a suitable form for you. You may find yourself in another possible variant, the car rental itself.

The second option - rent a car 

You can rent a vehicle and easily eliminate the problems you faced when you first bought the vehicle. You can drive almost immediately, for only a fraction of the money, as you make a refundable deposit and your commitment is minimal. You only pay for the car for the period when you really need it. When you don't need it, you simply return it. The rule is that the longer you rent a vehicle, the more advantageous the rental price. Therefore, we distinguish between rents: 

1. daily, ie short-term - rules for a few days 
2nd month - usually for a few months 
3rd year - 12 months 
4. several years - according to preference, most often for 3 -4 years 

When deciding whether to take a car for a shorter or longer period of time, one needs to think about whether I want to commit or I want maximum freedom. With the commitment, the rental price is reduced even more and you save a decent package of money. Therefore, all you need to do is think about how long I want the car for and decide accordingly. An interesting product that could meet your expectations is a product from AVIS,   AVIS LONG-TERM VEHICLE RENTAL. It is a car rental for 3 or 6 months   with a precisely defined approach. The rental price includes standard services, insurance, tire care and a highway token. You can see more about this product and the comprehensive offer here: